For the first ever special contest......

I want all the members to think of a name for the fan club.
I need a unique name, something that really stands for the whole show.
Just E-mail me on YouTube


 The person with the best name wins.
 Two others will win prizes, but only the best get to have their idea used
                           You can enter as many times as you want

1st Prize : Name used, Your username in my next video, and me to subscribe to you
   2nd Prize : Your username in my next video, and me subscribe to you
  3rd Prize : Your username in my next video


Flambenbombay : The PinkyPuffKnights

LPSno1fan : Extreme Pink Girls

CamillaGarrettt : StayingPinkyPuffaliciousPeople

Camirite :
PinkyPuff Believix 
                  Pinkalicious Puff Girls 
                  Randomtastic PinkyPuffalicious